How to Obtain Testimonials From Clients

We all know how powerful testimonials are as a tool to open doors with not only new clients but existing ones as well. But, capturing such information has traditionally been time-consuming and difficult. How many times has a client promised to write a testimonial for you, only to forget and leave the ball in your court to have to ask them again? It's usually not because your client is insincere; more likely they just got too busy with other things that were a higher priority.

To be clear, the definition of a testimonial is a truthful endorsement where someone testifies to the quality of a product, person, or service. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. One of the best ways to build that trust is to show real people using or talking about your services. Here are a few ways to obtain much needed testimonials from clients.

Simply Ask for Testimonials

Half of the battle is just asking for testimonials. You don’t want to beg for attention or feedback, but you want to approach clients at the right time. This comes into play during the consumer journey and can be used in several ways:

  • Use social media likes and mentions to your advantage. If the client is showing a positive response to your brand, ask for a written testimonial on your website
  • Ask that when certain milestones are met that testimonials are left
  • Ask after a referral
  • Ask after a positive interaction or meeting

Use Your Smartphone Settings

There’s a very powerful tool in your pocket that allows you to capture testimonials on the spot, or even fleeting comments clients make about how valuable you’ve been developing a solution for them. Your smartphone can easily capture valuable comments from your satisfied clients in a flash – without you ever having to come out and formally ask! Here’s how:

  1. Video – When a client comments about how valuable your work has been or that of your team, simply stop and ask if they would mind repeating those comments, this time on video. Most happy clients will readily consent! You can even post your video directly to social media or YouTube with them standing next to you!
  2. Voice Memo - This feature allows you to record the complimentary comments your client is willing to share. So, as an alternative, you can simply record their comments as an audio file that can easily be forwarded to an email, that can later be transcribed to social media or your website.
  3. Notes- Sometimes, clients aren’t comfortable with video or recordings. If that’s the case, quickly ask if you can type their testimonial into your notes section and use it late online.

Use Client Emails

Whenever a client sends an email with a quotable testimonial, file it away in a separate folder. This is a great way to create a place where you have easy access to things that might be useful in the future. Of course, you will need to ask for permission before using the coming in public, but email testimonials look great for companies because they’re authentic and genuine.

Supportive comments and testimonials from your clients are literally drops of gold when used to break the ice with new clients, and often used to establish some credibility for yourself and how you do business. See how our online reputation management software is on the cutting edge of technology by starting your free trial today.

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