How to Provide Visitors to Your Website with Social Proof

Finding ways to reach modern consumers is something most business owners work very hard at. Some business owners think that the only thing they need to attract lots of quality sales leads is a great looking website. While this is important, there are a number of other things you need to do to make your business successful. Most consumers use search engines to find out more about a business before using them. According to a recent study, 65 percent of consumers view online search as the most trusted source of information about a business.

If you are trying to turn website visitors into actual customers, you will need to provide them with information about the reputation your company has. Modern consumers demand social proof from a business they are going to engage with. Here are some of the things you can do to provide social proof to your website visitors.

Prominently Display Positive Reviews on Your Homepage

One of the main things consumers want to see is positive reviews about a business they are thinking of using. The more positive reviews a particular company has, the more trustworthy they will be in the eyes of consumers. If your business has a number of positive reviews from past and current customers, then displaying them for all to see is crucial.

Instead of burying these reviews on another webpage, you need to think about putting them on the homepage. By doing this, you can provide website visitors with the information they are looking for right away. Asking satisfied customers for reviews may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is crucial to keep this positive press coming. Most customers will have no problem writing some kind words about your business if they have received excellent service.

Let Numbers Do the Talking

Some consumers want to see cold hard data regarding what a company has done for other people in the past. Providing these customers with numbers regarding things like how much money you have saved clients or how many customers you have served since opening your business is a great idea.

You can also prominently display things like the number of social media followers you have. The main goal you should have when developing social proof is making your brand trustworthy. This is why providing a mix of different evidence to show a website visitor the benefits you can bring to their life is essential.

Show Your Product or Service in Action

Using the power of video to provide visitors to your website with social proof is a wise idea. Giving a potential customer a glimpse into your products or services in action can be powerful. If a person is able to see how well your product or service works, they will be more likely to become an actual customer.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Finding out about bad reviews and addressing them is only possible with the help of online reputation management software. If you want a free trial of the online reputation management software offered by Testimonial Request, click here.

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